Assisting other SME TMCs continue to grow and prosper in a constantly evolving marketplace.

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“Innovation is key. Those who have the agility to change with the market and innovate quickly will survive. Unless you innovate and have scale, it is just not possible to remain relevant in today’s travel industry. The sentiment is now widespread: Stay ahead of the pace of change or you’re toast.”

Who are we?

Travel Advocate

  • Travel Advocate delivers superior customer value and innovative, market leading technology solutions to independent travel agencies.
  • We achieve this through a collective model, allowing members to leverage off the platforms, collaborative services and buying power of the wider Connections Group. We partner in empowering members with a competitive advantage that positively influences and upgrades business performance.

What makes us different?

Travel Advocate is more than just a buying group. We are your allies!

Travel Advocate leverages the existing technology platforms, expertise, know-how and experience of the Connections Group of Companies.

Economies of scale and buying power allow for expansion, digital migrations, process and system improvements without over capitalising.

The key difference between Travel Advocate and other buying groups is that we have the experience as a standalone, independent Travel Agency and TMC.

What We Do?

We will help you fully understand the available options and then present you with the best fit for your requirements, enabling your business to grow without the danger of overcapitalising.

We have an established, stable and successful range of platforms and services that our Travel Advocate ‘Hosted Agency’ can leverage off to save time, money and resources whilst still maintaining a high level of integrity in line with superior service delivery.

Customers are demanding more from their TMCs – they want the latest OBTs, expense management tools and travel apps as well as a seamless travel management program

What can you expect from us?

How does this work?

Simple pricing structure comprising of an annual fee, that allows access to all outlined products and services.

Some technology solutions, such as OBTs and Automation have an additional per booking fee.

Overrides are paid quarterly with complete transparency.

Dedicated Partnership Manager to manage your account and facilitate provision of all products and services.

Invisible Ally

Travel Advocate will always be your invisible partner. You run your business your way.

Retain your Identity

You will retain your own brand, your own clients and your niche.

Our People

In simple terms, we’ve got your back!

Our employee population is divided into four main segments – about 20% of our employees in technical & process innovation, 50% in front-line consulting, 10% in partnership management and remaining 20% in support services.

This workforce profile reflects our commitment on delivering the right travel management solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Becoming a Travel Advocate member will free you and your team up to focus on what you do best – providing your clients with outstanding service.

How Travel Advocate helps businesses grow

The Travel Advocate team were instrumental in transitioning us over from Sabre/nSol/SAM to Sabre/Serko/Tramada.  This was a mammoth undertaking and was quite overwhelming for our team so to have the guidance and support from Travel Advocate was invaluable to the success of the implementation.  They went above and beyond and ensured that the process was seamless for us.We have also utilised their after-hours service, which we have found to be extremely efficient, reliable and professional. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any other TMC.

Travel Management Company, Brisbane
A message from our director

How to innovate and scale?

The traditional and legacy Travel Buying Groups in Australia have been operating ‘collective models’ for decades. Essentially, there has not been any evolution or innovation, just some tinkering around the edges.

The main tangible benefit to members of these organisations, has been and remains, a share of overrides.

There is little else that could be identified as beneficial in terms of technology, business efficiencies, growth potential or collaboration on innovation.

In contrast, Connections Group of Companies is a purpose driven organisation. Committed to equality, diversity and inclusiveness across every facet of its interactions with employees, clients and partners. The group’s purpose is to enrich the lives of others through human connections and the power of travel.

With Travel Advocate this means we are committed to ensuring “SME owner operator businesses can thrive” in an industry under constant threat from the multinational corporations. Given the size, scale and breadth of the Connections Group, we are able to leverage the Intellectual Property to deliver exceptional value beyond merely airline contracting.

In an evolving marketplace it’s important to recognise that the traditional revenue streams of travel agents are under threat – think private channels and NDC. Our roadmap and structure will assist you to focus on what you do best whilst at the same time ensuring your business gallops with the latest developments.

Hence, there is clearly a gap in the SME TMC niche for a collaborative, innovative travel management services organisation to offer more than just a % (percentage) of a kick back from suppliers.

In order to be able to fill this gap, the organisation needs to have the experience, knowledge, expertise and importantly, the existing travel management infrastructure in place. It needs to be tried, tested and operating successfully already.

Executive Edge, Executive Travel Management, CT Connections and latterly the Connections Group have all of this in spades with decades of experience in travel management to draw on. There is a robust travel management infrastructure in place utilising the latest and market leading travel technology solutions. There is a dedicated, talented and experienced team already delivering an enviable and comprehensive travel management solution.

Travel Advocate was born to leverage all this experience, knowledge, expertise and existing infrastructure to assist other SME TMCs continue to grow and prosper in a constantly evolving and frequently disrupted marketplace.

Gary Reichenberg

Director – Connections Group of Companies


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Travel Advocate

In simple terms, we’ve got your back!